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January 17, 2003

Workshop Query #1

This is for the information and comments for the research scholars who are interested in Druze religion and documents.
Given below is the formula deciphering a script which has been written in Rasa’il al-Hind. ( The second letter of the Indian prince Jata bin Sumer Rajapal, head of the mission in Sind, to al-Muqtana Baha’al-Din, dated 425/1033). The script is believed to be written in a character which is evidently the same as the tree Ogham of Ireland. The word Ogham or Agham is Indian, and means secret or mysterious. We are providing below the formula which has been obtained from documents in the British museum.

                         news &1.jpg (6153 bytes)

 Kindly, decipher the mysterious or secret script in the second letter of the Indian prince based on the formula provided above. Please communicate with the Druze Research and Publications Institute so that a correct and a reasonable translation can be reached.
The Druze Research and Publications Institute will be grateful for your interest and hard work that you will be undertaking.
Being one of the secret languages utilized in communications among the Druze, possibly in Egypt and other parts of the world, with an Arabic expression gives it a connotation that this language might have been within the knowledge and reach of Hakim Bi Amr Allah. Also an interesting point of investigation could be as to who provided this secret language to the Indian prince? 

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