Activities of the Druze Research and Publications Institute
Research Centers:

With the passage of time and consistent persecution of the people of the Druze religion, the Druze religious literature scattered all over the world. The immediate goal of the research centers is to identify sources and collect literature, and documents relating to the Druze religion, and to obtain every information to identify Druze habitats anywhere in the world. Based on the available information, projects for research and publications are planned. Research centers of the Druze Research and Publications Institute have been established all over the world.

Publications Center:

The Druze Research and Publications Institute will publish information documented by the research centers on Druze religion, history and literature.

Religious Center:

There is a great need to provide a systematic and articulated material for the education of children and young adults of the Druze community to enable them to understand the concept of the Druze religion and its history. Several Druze professionals in the field of education have been identified and they are designing and producing educational literature that will be passed on through the Druze parents for helping their children to understand the Druze religion. Moreover, a program has been designed for training teachers to teach the Druze religion by adopting modern methods of teaching.

Books, Manuscripts and Documents Center:

The Druze Research and Publications Institute has identified, and collected Druze books, Druze manuscripts and Druze documents. The collected works are being preserved.

Exchange of Information Forum:

This Forum is contacting scholars and collectors of books and documents. This forum is finding ways and means to encourage the exchange of information and develop material for the Druze archives. Seminars and discussion groups are being formed to help exchange the information.

International Exchange of Scholars:

A process has been set up to identify scholars who are interested in the Druze religion. The selected scholars shall develop projects, and conduct in-depth research about the Druze religion, history and literature. Scholars are being identified and programs are being developed to facilitate the exchange of scholars from different countries. In this respect, several universities have shown deep interest in working with the Druze Research and Publications Institute.

International Coordination of Comparative Religious Studies:
From 1100 AD, many religions and sects have developed who have adopted the fundamentals of the Druze religion. These sects may be considered as offshoots of Druze religious theology. Institutions and sects have been identified and scholars are being encouraged to undertake a comparative religious study keeping in view the fundamentals of Druze religion.
Druze Literature:
Literature on Druze theology, history and poetry has been produced in different countries. The Druze Research and Publications Institute is providing a platform for those individuals from different countries to come forth and work in collaboration with the Druze Research and Publications Institute.

Research Projects Developments:

Various research centers of the Druze Research and Publications Institute have endeavored to identify areas of in-depth research related to the Druze religion and history. Research projects have been invited and funding is being arranged to complete the projects.

Financial Resources:

Financial funding is being requested from donors. The response has been very encouraging from people of the Druze religion, and also from people who respect the Druze religious values and traditions.

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