A Word About Our Vision

The Druze Religion is the gift of God through Hakim Bi Amr Allah. The Druze people are our greatest assets. The entire humanity has vested interest in providing a spiritual enlightenment until eternity. The Druze theology is the last beacon of hope for the human salvation.

Al-Muqtana Baha’al-Din, during the days when our strength, integrity and ingenuity was challenged by the dominant political and economic powers, pointed out: "The Pen is in thy hands, write, and fear not." This led to the creation of lines of communications that recorded the way of enlightenment, the strength required, the integrity demanded, and ingenuity called for. Further, Al-Muqtana Baha’al-Din directed the followers of Sumer Dynasty (Jata bin Sumer Rajapal and his descendents) that they should undertake to translate Druze theology in their holy languages. This great work was carried forward secretly and openly, as this was the will of God. Therefore, it is essential to unearth and locate traces of the Druze people and habitats along with their literature, culture and history, which is a responsibility of every Druze.

The Druze interaction and development, although started from Cairo-Damascus axis, did not achieve mush success in North Africa and in Europe. The second focal point of Druze interaction and development was Baghdad-Basra axis where the development of the Druze theology was challenged more on political bias rather than on religious principles. Because of persecution, the Druze movement and its leadership shifted to Sajistan, where Multan-Kabul-Little-tibet became the axis for propagation, preservation, development and sustaining the Druze religion.

The trend of limiting the research on Druze theology to the Middle East has been an accepted parameter. The Arabic culture and Arabic language supports this perception. The development of the Druze theology and its indigenous and native leadership (Jata bin Sumer Rajapal and his descendents) promoted the Druze religion in Sajistan-Multan-Kabul-Little-tibet (known as West India and Central Asia in the 10th Century). The Druze people of this region have been totally ignored by historians, scholars and researchers.

The Firm Foundation of the Druze Research and Publications Institute

The search for the roots of the Druze people and their theology that deepened and developed in the region of Sajistan-Multan-Kabul-Little-tibet was started by a group of research scholars in 1978. Several field trips were undertaken to identify places and people, and determine the possibility of the availability of documents. These efforts directed towards the discovery of new dimensions on Druze theology and the history of the Druze people in this region. The Late Kamal Junblat has also contributed a lot of information from this region.

The hard work of twenty years and the sacrifice in terms of money and time of various scholars yielded results of discovering the presence of Druze theology and people in the above region. To add to this, there is a presence of sects that are offshoots of Druze theology. These sects were born and developed following the Druze religious perceptions and principles and having ‘charismatic’ appeal to the people of those territories. These sects still hold grounds and their followers are in millions.

The field contacts with the qualified research scholars and head of research institutions all over the world provided an efficient and workable network of people who committed their support for the Druze Research and Publications Institute that has been formally established as a not-for-profit Institute in 1998. The Druze Research and Publications Institute has a firm foundation of intellectual and financial support from different parts of the world. It is on this foundation that we propose to build a strong team of scholars to continue to conduct research on Druze people and theology all over the world.

The Druze Research and Publications Institute is intellectually honest without any string or influence of any political or economic group. Its sole purpose is to work with objectivity and follow the established principles of academic research and publications. The involvement of Research scholars is made after screening their academic qualifications and commitment to research activities free from any and every pressure or influence. The Druze Research and Publications Institute has a sole focal point on Druze theology which was initiated by Hakim Bi Amr Allah and further enlightened by the Five Luminaries.

Our conviction and commitment in this respect has been tested in the last twenty years and with this zeal, the work shall continue to progress in the right direction.



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